TapcoSlate Classic Specifications

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TapcoSlate Classic construction Manufactured from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene.
Size (slate) 17.5” x 11.6” (445mm x 295mm) (including horizontal spacers)
Weight (slate) 0.7 kgs.
Width (slate) 0.20” (5mm)
Size (ridgecap) 5.9” x 17.5” (150mm x 445mm)
Weight (ridgecap) 0.7 kgs.
Minimum Pitch 14 degrees (fully boarded roof)
14.5 degrees (felt/batten roof)
Gauge 6” at 14 to 25 degrees
6.5” at 25 to 27.5 degrees
7” at 27.5 to 30 degrees
7.5” above 30 degrees
Please also see coverage/gauge table on the Measuring Guide or the Fixing Guide
Coverage 22 slates/sq. metre at 14 to 25 degrees
20 slates/sq. metre at 25 to 27.5 degrees
19 slates/sq. metre at 27.5 to 30 degrees
18 slates/sq. metre above 30 degrees
Please also see coverage/gauge table on the Measuring Guide or the Fixing Guide
Ridge 5.5 per linear metre
Packaging Pallet: 1600 Slates (1.04 tonnes)
Bundle: 25 slates (16.25kg)
Batten Size 2” (50mm) by 1” (25mm) treated battens (minimum)
Fixing Large-headed galvanised 1.2” (30mm) by 0.1” (2.5mm) steel nails (using hammer or nail-gun). Aluminium or copper nails may also be used, but driving them through the slate may cause bending. Longer 3” (76mm) nail required for fixing ridges and hips.
Cutting Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, or sharp utility blade.
Storage/cold TapcoSlates should not be stored on roof decks in such a manner as to over-stress and/or damage the deck and supporting structure.
Cold Weather Installation: TapcoSlates should be stored in original packaging in a storage facility where the temperature meets or exceeds 7°C. Use protective coverage over all pallets while being temporarily stored on-site. TapcoSlates must be conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7°C for twenty-four (24) hours prior to use. TapcoSlate may be installed at temperatures as low as 0°C but must be hand fastened, the use of a pneumatic gun below 7°C will result in cracking and webbing in the fastened area. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements for all underlay or membrane and any other applications. Comply with any and all local building regulations. Note of Caution: The slates can be slippery under certain conditions and job site safety procedures should be enforced.
Product Certification
Strength — the products have adequate strength to resist the loads associated with the installation of the roof.
Properties in relation to fire — the products will enable a roof to be unrestricted under the Building Regulations.
Liquid water penetration — the products resist the passage of moisture into the building.
Durability — under normal service conditions the products will provide a durable covering with a service life of in excess of 20 years.