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TapcoShake construction Composit.
Size (shake) 24” (610mm) in height with 3 mixed widths:
10″ (254mm)
7.5″ (191mm)
5″ (127mm)
Weight (shake) 10″ (254mm): 0.74 kgs.
7.5″ (191mm): 0.58 kgs.
5″ (127mm): 0.40 kgs.
Minimum Pitch 14 degrees (fully boarded roof)
Gauge 9.25” at 14 to 22.5 degrees
10.25” at 22.5 degrees and above
Please also see coverage/gauge table on the Measuring Guide or the Fixing Guide
Coverage 21 slates/sq. metre at 14 to 22.5 degrees
19 slates/sq. metre at 22.5 degrees and above
Please also see coverage/gauge table on the Measuring Guide or the Fixing Guide
Packaging Pallet: 1,125 pieces (0.62 tonnes)
Bundle: 24 pieces (13kg)
Fixing Shakes and starters should be applied using two 2 ring shank fasteners (stainless steel or copper are recommended) with a minimum 3/8″ (9.5mm) diameter head and minimum length of 1½” (38mm). Corrosion resistant fasteners are required in coastal areas. The length of the Hip & Ridge fastener should be a minimum length of 2″ (51mm) over field shakes and 3″ (76mm) over ridge vent.
Cutting Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, or sharp utility blade.
TapcoShake should not be stored on roof decks in such a manner as to over-stress and/or damage the deck and supporting structure.
Cold Weather Installation: Shakes should be stored in original packaging in a storage facility where the temperature meets or exceeds 7°C. Use protective coverage over all pallets while being temporarily stored on-site. Roof shakes must be conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7°C for twenty-four (24) hours prior to use. Shakes may be installed at temperatures as low as 0°C but must be hand fastened, the use of a pneumatic gun below 7°C will result in cracking and webbing in the fastened area. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements for all underlay and any other applications. Comply with any and all local building code requirements. Note of Caution: The shakes can be slippery under certain conditions and job site safety procedures should be enforced.
Product Ratings and Certification Hail Rating – UL2218 Class IV.
Fire Rating – Class A or Class C.
Wind-driven Rain/Wind Uplift – Miami Dade TAS-100 (110 mph wind-driven rain).