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When you contact us, our representative will guide you as to how many TapcoMetal panels you will need to cover your roofing project. However, the general idea is to measure how many square metres your roof covers then use the following quick-step method:

TapcoMetal Quick-step Material Calculation Method

  1. Determine the roof square metres without waste.
  2. Add linear metres of hips & valleys and multiply this by 0.81.
  3. Add together the totals from steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. Multiply this total by 1.06, which gives you the roof square metres including waste.
  5. Multiply the total from step 4 above by the number of TapcoMetal panels needed per square metre using the table below.
ROMAN 2.27
TILE 2.16
SHAKE 2.16

Note: Advice from our technical department should be sought when installing on high buildings and/or in exceptionally windy areas.


Square Metres

Square Metre Calculation
A square metre is a metric measurement of area. If the area involved in your roofing project is square or a rectangular, measure the length and width of the area, using a metric tape measure or a meter stick. Multiply the length, in metres, times the width, in metres. That will give you the area of the square or rectangle in square metres.
If the area involved is not square or rectangular, sketch the area to scale on a piece of graph paper. You can make sure that it is to scale by allowing each division on the grid to equal a certain number of metres. Break up the sketch into rectangles, squares, triangles, and even circles, if necessary. Apply the appropriate metre-based formulas to each shape on the graph to determine the area of each shape in square metres. Multiply length times width for squares and rectangles. Multiply base times height and divide by two for triangles. Measure from the centre of a circle to its outer edge to find the radius; then multiply the radius times itself and multiply that figure by 3.14, which is “pi.” Add the areas of each shape to find the square metres of the entire area.


Please Note: The details on this page are for guidance only, and the Tapco Group will not be held responsible for any incorrect measurements undertaken by you or your architect or roofing contractor. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any measurements and quantities ordered are correct.