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Tapco Roofing Products combine striking kerb appeal with the efficient installation that makes every job easier. You can rest assured with the protection of our 40-year Warranty. Our quality-tested products feature large nailing guides, Tapco’s InFlex™ design eliminating the need for jobsite tile bending, and true colouring so you don’t have to spend time shuffling tiles at the jobsite.
With TapcoSlate and TapcoShake, beauty has never been so tough or affordable. Our fine detail comes from moulds cast from natural stone and wood to bring authentically rich texture. It all comes with Class A fire protection, Class 4 impact resistance and a 110 mph wind uplift rating.


TapcoSlate TapcoShake Tapco Roofing Accessories


TapcoSlate impresses with the true authenticity of slate to create memorable, extraordinary homes.


TapcoShake’s innovations allow you to easily embrace cedar shake style while gaining peace of mind and charm that endures for life.

Tapco Roofing Accessories

Tapco Roofing Accessories ensure optimum functionality and aesthetics for your TapcoSlate and TapcoShake roof, from sturdy and attractive snow guards to energy-efficient ventilation accessories that protect your home.