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Protect VP300 Underlay

roofing underlay

Suitable and recommended for all Tapco Roofing Products, Protect VP300 is a medium-weight, vapour permeable roofing underlay with a vapour resistance better than that required by BS 5250 and a strength greater than many underlays in its class. It is suitable for use in cold or warm pitched roof constructions.

  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle.
  • Highly vapour permeable, but entirely watertight.
  • UV stable and heat resistant.
  • Helps to avoid condensation risk in the roofspace.
  • For use in zones 1-5 at 250mm batten gauge in regard to wind uplift.
  • Can be used as temporary roof covering.


Protect VP300 Vapour-permeable Roof Underlay

Suitable for:

To be used in conjunction with all Tapco Roofing Products.

Dimensions:  Stand Length: 50m, Width: 1m. Colour: Grey.

Please note, depending on lighting conditions, our roofing accessories will reflect varying levels of color intensity and so actual colors may vary from those shown on the screen.


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