by Fmeaddons

TapcoShake Starter Tile

shake starter tile accessory

Suitable for TapcoShake, this accessory is an eaves or starter tile for all roof layouts using our shake product. Available as special order only in 5 colours for your TapcoShake roof. This starter tile accessory is manufactured in the same material as our TapcoShake product to beautifully match your roof shake. Starter tiles have the same properties as our roofing shake:

  • TapcoShake starter tiles are manufactured to fit as a starter or eaves course under the first row of TapcoShake.
  • 7mm thick at the bottom tapering to 3mm at the top for starter tiles.
  • Class A Fire Rating.
  • Class 4 Impact Rating.
  • 110 MPH Wind Uplift Rating..
  • Choice of 5 colours (special order only).
  • 40-year warranty.
  • TapcoShake is not made from recycled plastics but is manufactured from recyclable polypropylene.


TapcoShake Starter Tile

Suitable for:

To be used in conjunction with our other TapcoShake products.

Dimensions:  Overall Height 350mm, Width 300mm, Thickness 7mm at bottom tapering to 3mm at the top of the tile. 3.5 units cover one linear metre of eaves length.

Please note, depending on lighting conditions, our roofing accessories will reflect varying levels of color intensity and so actual colors may vary from those shown on the screen.


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