by Fmeaddons

0.5m Ridge & Hip Cap

conservatory roof accessories

Suitable for TapcoSlate Classic & Aledora plus the TapcoMetal SHINGLE profile, this accessory is a 0.5 metre length ridge and hip cap for all conservatory roofs, it can also be used on regular roof installations. Available in our six, stocked, Traditional TapcoSlate colours and in our three, stocked TapcoMetal SHINGLE colours. This ridge and hip accessory is built for quality to ensure a beautiful, colour-matched finish to any conservatory roofing project.

Our Conservatory Roof Accessories line has been constructed to slot together & fixed for ease of use and consists of this unit and these other compatible accessories:


Conservatory Ridge & Hip Cap

Suitable for:

To be used in conjunction with our other Conservatory Roof Accessory products which have been created to work as a conservatory roof ridge and hip system.

Dimensions:  Overall Length 500mm, Overall Width 235mm, Overall Height 85mm.

Fixing: Fix downstand onto battens (19 x 38mm, pre-fixed on top of roof tiles/sheets) using 3.5 x 30mm Cross Phillips Bugle Screws for outdoor use with colour screw caps and washers provided. Locating “dimples” inbuilt into product, these can be pre-drilled to reduce any splintering on fixing. Alternative fixing holes can be pre-drilled to suit. DO NOT over-tighten screws.

Please note, Conservatory Roof Accessories cannot be inter-used with ridges and hips from our other accessory lines.

If in doubt please contact our sales team via email or telephone +44 (0)1482 880478. Depending on lighting conditions, our roofing accessories will reflect varying levels of color intensity and so actual colors may vary from those shown on the screen.


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